Meet Your GDEP Team

Destiny Spence, Founder/Executive Director

After graduating from college in 2013 with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Hygiene from Murray State University and high ambitions of securing a salary upon which she could thrive, the founder/CEO of The Graduate Debt Exchange Program (GDEP) was hit with some harsh realities. The life she desired and dreamt of during her college years she then discovered, ceased to exist. This dream was shattered; Not only for her, but for many of her friends and colleagues as well. It seemed like society, more often than not and from her perspective, would rather provide them with temporary hand-outs instead of providing them with assistance through opportunities that could positively impact the duration of their lifetimes.

Based on the all-too-common challenges that she and others faced upon entering the workforce with crippling student loan debt, the idea for the GDEP solution was born.

As a Nashville Tennessee transplant helping to raise a family of seven alongside her husband who’s currently serving in the United States Army, she has dreamt of finding purpose in a mission that uplifts the community and gives everyone an opportunity to break free from their scholastic shackles; shackles that may be hindering them from making boss moves in life.

She hopes that with GDEP’s plan to not only help these professional graduates become more confident in their finances but also gives them an opportunity to get involved and stay involved with their local communities.

Adrianna Payne, COO

Growing up on the South Side of St. Louis, MO, in a single parent household; post-secondary education was merely a dream for most. However, for Adrianna, it was THE dream. She worked diligently through high school, maintaining a part time job, cheerleading, and applying for colleges. She was accepted into Murray State University and began her college career in August of 2006. She majored in Advertising and Marketing, was a Residential Advisor, a devout member of THE Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and graduated with a 3.0 GPA in December of 2010.

As you may imagine, going to school without scholarships, or any guidance on how to handle student loans, she amassed student loan debt that has since doubled. The Graduate Debt Exchange Program (GDEP) was birthed based on the needs of millions of students and graduates with similar stories! Education should be a right afforded to all, and with this program, we are excited to make it more attainable for all! Adrianna believes that with the proper resources, education, and guidance; students and graduates will now be able to close the wage gaps and decrease their debt to income ratios. She is passionate about The Graduate Debt Exchange Program, and the lives that will be impacted!

Marcus Wilson, CFO

A native of Nashville Tennessee I am an enthusiastic and highly self-motivated individual whose career with (10+) years of experience in financial management, leadership, and supervision are in social services. I have a solid history in applying operational and strategic-relationship / partnership skills for organizational wellness. Having a proven ability to deliver results in a wide variety of corporate, higher educational and nonprofit settings. Along with obtaining a bachelors and masters of Science degree at Murray State University, I am also a nationally certified non-profit professional. Social services and helping others is my true passion.

Our Story

The Graduate Debt Exchange Program was created to assist those who have student loan debt. We offer a reduction in that debt owed in exchange for your time, volunteering at one of our approved locations.

We understand the burden of outstanding student loan debt and want to offer an opportunity for relief.

Let’s Serve Together