Become an Exchanger

Pay Down Student Loans While Helping Our Community

The Graduate Debt Exchange Program (GDEP) is a non-profit organization helping Tennessee residents relieve the burden of student loan debt.

What is an Exchanger?

As an Exchanger, you will be given an opportunity to volunteer with approved nonprofit organizations and other businesses. Every hour committed to servicing your favorite charity will result in dollars paid toward your existing student loan debt.

Create an account by filling out our Exchanger Registration form. Here, you will see our list of partnering student loan lenders. If your lender is listed, continue through to our next steps.
Each applicant must pass a background check and student loans must be in good standing.

GDEP cannot participate as a third party payer if student loans are in deferment or forbearance.

“I hope that with GDEP’s plan in place, we can help professional graduates finally achieve financial freedom while giving them a reason to get involve and stay involved with their local communities.

Destiny Spence