Become a Partnering Sponsor

A Partnering Sponsor makes Quarterly contributions throughout the year, GDEP will not only offer a one of a kind payment relief solution to their qualified members but also spotlight personal success stories your organization has achieve in GDEPs Newsletter, social media sites and home page. By doing this, your organization will become more visible to the public and could potentially lead to an increase in support albeit membership or monetarily. 

As a Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Level Partner, your logos will be printed on various marketing materials and distributed during GDEP’s hosted events. Gold Level Partners will receive two free tickets to our Annual Fundraising event. Platinum Level Partners will receive four free tickets to our Annual Fundraising event.

PLATINUM: $20,000+
GOLD: $15,000+
SILVER: $10,000+
BRONZE: $5,000+ 

Below you will see a contribution tier. Make no mistake, every contribution will go towards GDEP’s overall mission – facilitating a meaningful way for participants to reduce their student loan debt while giving back to their communities.

These contributions are not required but recommended, and as you give, we can continue to commit to the same cycle of service. 

Any $$ amount/annually – 1-3 additional Internal Exchangers

$10,000/annually – 4 additional Internal Exchangers

$20,000/annually – 6 additional Internal Exchangers

$30,000/annually – 8 additional Internal Exchangers

$40,000/annually – 10 additional Internal Exchangers

$50,000+/annually – 12 additional Internal Exchangers