Become a Partner

What is Partner?

A Partner is a nonprofit organization and/or other business who has committed to provide volunteer hours for GDEP Exchangers to help serve your Program’s mission, purpose and values.

The specific purpose of GDEP is to help qualifying student graduates pay off their student loan debt by providing them with resources that allow them to exchange community service hours served for dollars paid towards their student loan debt. Each hour given to support your needs, will translate into dollars paid directly to their previous lender. With this cycle of service, we hope to rebuild our communities one hour and volunteer at a time all the while giving everyone an opportunity to break free from their ‘Scholastic Shackles’.

What this means for your business:

  • Motivated communal support to drive your business and
  • Up to five quarterly assigned professional Volunteers/Exchangers with passing background checks*

Partners will also have an opportunity to register up to two of their own existing members/volunteers to experience the relief GDEP provides. Some have used this opportunity as a means to encourage continuous participation.

Create an account by filling out our Partnership Agreement form. We will review your request and be in touch.

GDEP cannot do this without your support.

“I hope that with GDEP’s plan, we not only help our Exchangers become more confident in their finances but also give them an opportunity to meet the needs of their local communities.”

Destiny Spence